BTS ARMY Claims MTV “Terribly” Edited Her To Fit The “Obsessive Stan” Stereotype

She says they had a specific narrative in mind.

A BTS fan recently made headlines for her impressive collection of BTS merchandise. Now, after appearing on MTV’s Lifestyles of the Biggest Standoms, she is speaking up to set the record straight.

Thuy | MTV/YouTube

During her appearance on the show, 18-year-old Thuy revealed that she has spent “at least $50,000” on BTS to date. She owns everything from lightsticks and albums to clothing from BTS’s wardrobe.

| MTV/YouTube

Thuy, who goes by @jeonsnochu on Twitter, addressed ARMY’s questions in a thread. She states that her collection was “unfortunately edited” by MTV.

$50,000 is a lot of money for anyone to spend, let alone a student. Thuy explained that she spends her own money, not her father’s, on her hobby, which she earns from working while also attending school. She has chosen not to disclose her workplace and asks fellow fans to respect her privacy. “If you happen to see me at work,” Thuy wrote. “I kindly ask you don’t share.”

Thuy, who has been called a sasaeng (stalker fan), shut down the accusation. Unlike sasaengs, this avid collector respects the members’ privacy and personal space.

Unfortunately, the media has a history of misrepresenting ARMY, perpetuating the stereotype that BTS’s diverse fandom consists only of obsessive teenage girls.

| MTV/YouTube

In her tweet thread, Thuy calls MTV out for depicting her as “an obsessive, and materialistic stan,” claiming that most of the interview was edited out.

The MTV video was edited terribly. I filmed for 8 hours, toured different parts of my room and pieces of merch that meant a lot to me and lent to the memories I’ve made with BTS while being their fan. The part that mentioned I spent $50k on my collection was only a fraction of the interview questions that I had to answer. So honestly, I had no idea that how much I spent on BTS was going to become the “clickbait title” and the focus of my entire segment.

We can say it was on me to trust MTV to depict me justly, but now that the video has been released, it’s obvious that they’ve depicted me more as an obsessive, and materialistic stan (fun fact: we filmed that sentence 7 times because I refused to call myself a stan. I tried ARMY, ‘one of BTS’ biggest fans’ and so many other variations, but they didn’t settle.

— Thuy (@jeonsnochu)


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