BTS ARMY Make An Unexpected Appearance In Ryan Reynold’s Hulu Series “Welcome To Wrexham”

ARMY are the standard.

Ryan Reynolds is a well-known fan of K-Pop, often sharing his love for artists like HyunA, Stray Kids, EXO

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (left) and HyunA (right) | HIGHCUT

EXO’s Chanyeol (left) and Ryan Reynolds (right)| @vancityreynolds/Instagram & @real_pcy/Instagram

And BTS.

Ryan Reynolds has never hidden that he was a member of BTS’s ARMY, often liking tweets about the group.

So although it’s not a surprise that Ryan Reynolds would reference BTS when possible, fans were still caught off guard by the unexpected reference in Welcome to Wrexham.

Welcome to Wrexham is an American sports documentary series that… documents the events of Welsh association football club (Wrexham A.F.C) as told by the club’s owners, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.

— Wikipedia summary of Welcome to Wrexham

During one of the episodes of the series, a “decibel meter” to measure fans’ cheers for their team had a surprising reference to BTS ARMY. The first mark on the meter was the sound of a “Welsh football announcer,” and the following was a “jet engine.” But taking the highest spot on the decibel meter was a “BTS fan,” representing the loudest the stadium could get.

| @ksjot7/Twitter

ARMY were pleasantly surprised by the reference, especially knowing that Ryan Reynolds must have been a part of it.

Most ARMY seemed to agree with their placement on the scale, given their immense passion and support of BTS.

Although some fans joked that BTS fans should be even higher up the scale.

ARMY are truly “the standard for cheers.”

You can read more about Ryan Reynold’s love for BTS here.

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