Here Are 5 Times Ryan Reynolds Proved He Was A K-Pop Fan

He might actually be the biggest K-Pop fan ever. 👀

This may come as a surprise to some, but Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds is actually one of the biggest K-Pop fans around. The actor, known for roles such as Marvel anti-hero Deadpool, has on numerous occasions shown his love for K-Pop and even has some great friendships with a few idols.

Ryan Reynolds

Here are 5 times Ryan Reynolds proved he was a K-Pop fan…

1. When he did a photoshoot with HyunA

For the 166th volume of HIGHCUT, he did a photoshoot, dressed as Deadpool, with HyunA.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (left) and HyunA (right) | HIGHCUT

He later affectionately posed with a copy of one of the photos and posted it on Instagram.

He even claimed to have slept with the photo, which made his wife Blake Lively jealous!

2. His friendship with EXO

Technically, Ryan Reynolds is actually an honorary member of EXO.

It all started when, in 2019, Reynolds met EXO at an event in Seoul for his Netflix film 6 Underground. After that, we have gotten a lot of interactions with him and the group.

Chanyeol, who is a big fan of Reynold’s portrayal as Deadpool, shared a selfie with him with the caption, “Successful fan.” Reynolds then reposted the photo, announcing that he was now “in the band.”

EXO’s Chanyeol (left) and Ryan Reynolds (right)| @vancityreynolds/Instagram & @real_pcy/Instagram

While we’re still waiting for his official debut with EXO, he has supported the other members in their recent comeback.

3. His love for Stray Kids

It all started when Stray Kids did a Deadpool-inspired performance on Kingdom. Now, he and the group are practically besties as they have exchanged gifts.

He is also a proud member of stan Twitter, frequently tweeting about Stray Kids and liking other STAYs’ tweets.

| @taeminsbitemark/Twitter

Ryan also shows support for the Stray Kids by streaming and leaving comments on their new releases.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

Not to mention he is literally subscribed to Bang Chan’s Bubble. He is definitely Bang Chan biased!

4. When he hung out with Eric Nam

They did an interview while Ryan was promoting Deadpool 2, and Eric even told him about how he took his mom to see the first Deadpool!

5. When he competed on The King of Masked Singer

While on a brief press tour for Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds appeared on The King of Masked Singer dressed as a unicorn and sang “Tomorrow” from Annie.

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