Just A Reminder: Ryan Reynolds Is An Honorary Member Of EXO

Ryan Reynolds is our bias.

We all know actor Ryan Reynolds is a certified STAY and now good friends with Stray Kids, particularly Bang Chan.

Ryan Reynolds | @VancityReynolds/Twitter

He actually has a great relationship with many K-Pop idols, such as HyunA, but what some might know is that he is technically a K-Pop idol himself. In fact, he is an honorary member of one of the biggest groups in the world, EXO.

EXO | @vancityreynolds/Instagram

In 2019, Reynolds met EXO at an event in Seoul for his Netflix film 6 Underground. From there, we got the beginning of lots of interactions between him and the group.

Chanyeol, who is a big fan of Reynold’s portrayal as the Marvel anti-hero Deadpool, shared a selfie with him with the caption, “Successful fan.” The two had a wholesome interaction in which Reynolds reposted the photo, letting everyone know that he was now “in the band,” which Chanyeol didn’t exactly deny…

EXO’s Chanyeol (left) and Ryan Reynolds (right)| @vancityreynolds/Instagram & @real_pcy/Instagram

Reynolds then confirmed his status as an EXO member. He made the announcement and made updates on all of his social media accounts.

| @VancityReynolds/Twitter

EXO’s Baekhyun (left) and Ryan Reynolds (right) | @ohsenh/Twitter

Since then, he has posted a couple more updates related to his status as an EXO member.

| @vancityreynolds/Instagram
| @vancityreynolds/Instagram

Even after a few years, though Reynolds has not been promoting with EXO, he remained supportive of the other members. He has even been liking posts related to EXO’s latest comeback.

We will look forward to Ryan Reynolds’ comeback too! We can’t wait for all of the members to be back together again.

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