Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Receives His Gift From Ryan Reynolds Proving The Duo Really Are Besties

They’re both living the dream!

During Mnet‘s KingdomStray Kids performed a Deadpool-themed stage during the competition. This performance seemed to spark one of the most popular tales in K-Pop recently: the blooming friendship between leader Bang Chan and actor Ryan Reynolds

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From praising the performance, becoming a STAY, and asking for Bang Chan’s autograph, Ryan Reynolds become a true Stray Kids stan! In particular, Ryan Reynolds explained that he was sending a small gift to Bang Chan in return for their group’s support and his new STAY status.

It seems as if Ryan held his side of the bargain! Bang Chan recently shared a photo of himself holding the gift thanking the actor for his gift.

In the tweet, Bang Chan expressed his gratitude for the present, saying, “Thanks for the gift Ryan! The pressies that we sent are on the way too! Hope you like em haha.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

After tweeting the picture, Ryan Reynolds was quick to reply referring to what his gift from Bang Chan would be, and it is a reasonable request!

With Ryan’s gifts in the mail, fans will be eager to see if Bang Chan really did send him the entire band. In the meantime, you can relive the group’s Kingdom performance below.

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