Ryan Reynolds Responds To Stray Kids’ Performance On “Kingdom” And Fans Are Losing It

“Oh hello, Stray Kids.”

On the May 20 episode of Mnet‘s Kingdom, Stray Kids wowed fans with a Deadpool-inspired performance.

Deadpool is an anti-hero superhero film about a man named Wade Wilson who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He takes an experimental drug to cure his cancer and ends up with amazing healing powers that make him completely immortal. The movie follows his insane adventures and is a significantly more mature superhero movie than most.

Stray Kids’ Felix began the performance in a Deadpool costume and recreated a scene from the beginning of the movie. They then exploded into a high-energy performance of a remix of BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” mixed with their song “God’s Menu” as well as some other new elements.

As soon as the episode aired, fans flooded to social media to excitedly talk about the stages. One fan on Twitter with the username @leeknow (but is not actually member Lee Know) edited the clip of Felix recreating the scene from Deadpool with the actual scene.

Although the post was doing well on its own just through the fan community, it truly blew up when the actor of Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, commented. Originally, he commented an emoji of two swords crossed, most likely indicating a funny duel between the two Deadpools (Felix’s and his). However, after many fans noticed, he soon learned of the true origin and sent fans in a frenzy by commenting, “Oh hello @stray_kids.”

He was even found to have liked the videos the fans were posting for him.

Soon enough, “Ryan Reynolds” and “Stray Kids” began to trend as everyone was excited by the actor’s response. It even caused several people on Twitter to discover Stray Kids and become fans!

Finally, fans believe Bang Chan has seen this as he recently changed his Bubble bio to say, “From now on I am, Chris Reynolds.” Chris is Bang Chan’s English name that he mixed with Ryan Reynolds. The member has always been known to love Ryan Reynolds and fans are ecstatic that the actor noticed their group.

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