EXO Met Ryan Reynolds And Their Interaction Is Already Becoming Legendary

Their interactions are already reaching legendary status:

From the moment EXO stepped foot on the green carpet at the special Netflix “6 Underground” event, fans were very excited to see what the event had in store. And what they got was one of the most epic interactions ever!


On December 2, EXO joined Ryan Reynolds, Melanie Laurent, Adria Arjona, and more at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul to celebrate the upcoming release of the movie “6 Underground”.


During the event, EXO stunned on the green carpet, gave the first heart-stopping public performance of their latest hit “Obsession”, and had some pretty amazing interactions with Ryan, Melanie, and Adria!


While they had plenty of epic interactions during the event, including the moment Chanyeol made sure he got to stand next to Ryan and when Sehun went in for a handshake and a hug…


It was Chanyeol and Ryan’s Instagram interaction afterward that is quickly reaching legendary status. After the event, Chanyeol, who is a huge fan of Ryan and his “Deadpool” persona, shared a selca of them together and captioned the moment with, “Successful fan.”

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Adding to his successful fan moment, he also uploaded an Instagram story where he revealed Ryan has said he saw Chanyeol’s “Deadpool” costume!


Shortly afterward, Chanyeol got a big surprise when Ryan shared the selca on his Instagram story and teased that he was now a member of EXO…


Making Chanyeol feel like he was in a dream!


But Ryan further solidified his place in EXO with a few more photos together along with a hilarious caption about his band status!


EXO-Ls, meanwhile, couldn’t be happier for Chanyeol and are loving every single moment from this epic interaction!