Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals The Bag Of Gifts He Got From Ryan Reynolds, And We’re Definitely Jealous AF

Their friendship is enough to make anyone jealous!

Since Stray Kids performed a Deadpool-themed stage on Mnet‘s Kingdom, the blossoming friendship between Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds has been the talk of the town!

From praising the performance, becoming a STAY, and asking for Bang Chan’s autograph, Ryan Reynolds become a true stan! Ryan even sent Bang Chan a gift from the actor, which was a signed whiskey bottle

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However, it seems like Ryan Reynolds sent a few more gifts, and Bang Chan proudly showcased them in his recent broadcast of Chan’s Room.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE

The first item was a sweet sweatshirt with the brand logo from Ryan Reynolds’ gin brand called Aviation. Although Bang Chan thought it might be a bit small, as he usually wears bigger sizes, it still looked good!

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Next on the list was another piece of Aviation apparel in the form of a t-shirt. Like the sweatshirt, Bang Chan initially thought it was too small for him. But after rolling the sleeves up, he realized that it didn’t look too bad.

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In following with the theme of apparel, next up was a cap. It is definitely something Bang Chan would wear, showing Ryan’s love for the Stray Kids’ leader. Along with that were some patches and nametags, which just looked cool!

| Stray Kids/VLIVE

Finally, Ryan sent over was a pop socket for his phone and some bandaids, which Bang Chan made his own by wearing on his nose.

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Combined with the whiskey bottle, Ryan has given Bang Chan gifts enough to make anyone jealous! With their friendship only a few months old, it will be worth seeing just how jealous they make us with their #friendshipgoals!

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