Ryan Reynolds Shows Support For Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Lee Know’s “Drive”

We’re here for Ryan and Chris Reynolds.

Stay KidsBang Chan and Lee Know have released a new duet Drive. The sensual song’s music video was recently posted on the group’s official YouTube channel.

Lee Know (left) and Bang Chan (right) | Stray Kids/YouTube

Immediately after the release, STAYs went to support the group and stream. This includes one of the biggest and most well-known STAYs, Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds | @VancityReynolds/Twitter & Guy Aroch

The Deadpool actor has gained quite the reputation this year for being not just a fan but a friend to Stray Kids. After their Deadpool-inspired performance went viral, Ryan Reynolds vocally shared his support for them. Bang Chan, who has been an outspoken fan of the actor for a long time, was especially excited. So, naturally, the two hit it off and even exchanged gifts!

Ryan Reynolds (left) and Bang Chan (right) | @VancityReynolds/Twitter & @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Since then, Ryan Reynolds has been an active, supportive fan of the group, particularly online. Shortly after the release of Drive, he has left a comment on their YouTube video, saying, “[I’m] Here for Chris Reynolds.”

| Stray Kids/YouTube

This was clearly in reference to Bang Chan changing his name to “Chris Reynolds” on the Bubble app when Ryan first gave them a shoutout.  We know for a fact that Ryan Reynolds is subscribed to Bang Chan’s Bubble as his company Maximum Effort posted the below photo.

Fans of both Stray Kids and Ryan Reynolds can’t get enough of this friendship and their interactions.

Who would have thought Deadpool and Stray Kids would be one of the most wholesome friendships ever?!

Check out “Drive” below:

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