BTS Told ARMYs To Dress Warmly For “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL,” But They Didn’t Take Their Own Advice

Jimin doesn’t practice what he preaches.😂

BTS just held their first in-person concert for Seoul. It’s safe to say PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL is a huge success so far as expected.

From left: J-Hope, RM, V, Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, and Jin. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

The hype has been very real, with the members posting countdowns leading up to the event. Still, knowing the concerts would technically be outside, the members were concerned about ARMYs’ conditions as it is still cold in Korea.

Everyone the weather is very cold. Come wearing a padded jacket and wearing gloves as well. Prepare hot packs hmmm… just do everything that looks warm.

— V

| Weverse

V took to Weverse to warn about the weather ahead of the concert, especially for the last day (March 16). So, he encouraged them to dress appropriately as some prioritize fashion.

There’s a forecast of rain on the last concert day. we’ll prepare for it too but just in case, please come wearing even warmer clothes.

— V

| Weverse

Likewise, Jimin came on Weverse to share similar sentiments. He agreed with V and emphasized to ARMYs that they should wear lots of clothing.

Just like Taehyung (V) said, it’s really, really cold, so wear ALL the clothes you have and come (to the concert).

— Jimin

| Weverse

Like the good hyung he is, Jin came on the next day also advising ARMYs about dressing warmly. The king of dad jokes also included humourous breaks and typos in the post to communicate what can happen when someone’s hands get too cold!

Everyone the weather is cold.
Peop l e who are c o ming tomorrow, make sure to come wearing a padded coat.
My hands gfhave frozen.

— Jin

| Weverse

Despite the BTS’s warnings for ARMYs and advising them to dress warmly, they didn’t seem to take their own advice…

The members wore similar outfits to that of what they wore during PTDLA. Yet, the weather couldn’t have been more different as it is consistently warm in Los Angeles, California. Even then, though, ARMYs were shook when members performed nearly shirtless.

Jungkook garnered attention again for baring his abs…

Yet, the two that have excited ARMYs in their recent performance due to their sexy fits is none other than J-Hope and Jimin.

ARMYs were stunned to notice that these two both had completely see-through tops on for a portion of the concert. The shirts appeared to be mesh, so they left nothing to the imagination.

Look at all that hair. And that see-through shirt. He’s driving me mad. I’m going to pass out…


Also, ARMYs were bewildered over the fact that the same men, especially Jimin, had continually advised them to be cautious and dress warmly only to appear half-naked themselves.

Throughout the concert, Jimin continually showed concern for ARMYs, checking on them and asking if they were cold.

Even in his own less-than-warm attire, he discoursed about the cold. It seemed that he sacrificed his own warmth for ARMYs to warm up thanks to BTS’s hot and sexy performances.

It’s still cold outside in March, so I worried a lot. It’s been colder than we thought during rehearsals. For you to not feel cold during the show, we’ll do our best to heat you all up. You’re not mad, right?

— Jimin

Also, by wearing revealing clothing, ARMYs could get a peek at both old and new tattoos of Jimin’s. So, there were lots of benefits to the sexy outfit.

Check out Jimin’s tattoos below:

BTS’s Jimin Gives ARMYs A Glimpse Of His New Tattoos During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL”


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