BTS’s V, Jimin, And Jin Prove How Much They Care For ARMYs’ Health Ahead Of Their Seoul “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Shows

It showcases their true personalities!

There are less than 24 hours until BTS‘s first PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE show in Seoul.


As much as ARMYs worldwide are excited, whether they are lucky enough to attend the Olympic Stadium in person or watch through the live stream, BTS are probably even more excited to see Korean fans for the first time since before the pandemic.

Of course, it is currently still cold in Korea due to the time of year, and ARMYs will be outside in the stadium. Even though most fans at the venue will probably be able to stay warm from dancing so much, it will still be very cold as the sun goes down.

BTS performing outside during online concert last year | @Kpop_herald/ Twitter

Well, the members of BTS have shown their true personalities when showcasing how much they care for ARMYs. The first member who gained praise from fans was BTS’s V.

The idol came on Weverse to warn ARMYs about the upcoming shows’ weather and make sure they all came prepared. In particular, he gave recommendations on the best way for fans to stay warm during the long show.

Everyone the weather is very cold. Come wearing a padded jacket and wearing gloves as well. Prepare hot packs hmmm… just do everything that looks warm.

— V

| Weverse

He then went further and explained that he was particularly concerned about the last day of the show (March 16), adding that they should dress appropriately so they stay warm and the members would try to prepare as well.

There’s a forecast of rain on the last concert day. we’ll prepare for it too but just in case, please come wearing even warmer clothes.

— V

| Weverse

The next day, it seems like V inspired the other members to share their advice for ARMYs in the midst of the cold weather in Korea. Jimin was the next to come onto Weverse and share his thoughts, agreeing with V and adding his own recommendations.

Just like Taehyung (V) said, it’s really, really cold, so wear ALL the clothes you have and come (to the concert).

— Jimin

| Weverse

Finally, it was the turn of the oldest member Jin and it seems like he wanted to showcase the impact of the cold alongside some advice to ARMYs. In particular, fans loved that there seemed to be breaks and typos in the post to show what can happen when someone’s hands get too cold.

Everyone the weather is cold.
Peop l e who are c o ming tomorrow, make sure to come wearing a padded coat.
My hands gfhave frozen.

— Jin

| Weverse

It seems like the members can’t stop sharing their loving advice with fans, showcasing how much they care. Even though it might not have been as useful, Suga even gave fans tips on how to get tickets to see the show and tried to calm ARMYs down.


As always, BTS continues to showcase just how much they care for ARMYs and always want what is best for them, including their health. Fans will probably be too excited to get cold during the show, but the members’ advice shouldn’t be ignored as it’s for the sake of ARMYs’ health.

You can read more about the members talking about PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE below.

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