BTS Suga’s Advice For ARMYs Trying To Get Tickets For Their “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concert

A lot of ARMYs will relish this information!

After BTS announced that not only were they performing concerts in Seoul but they’d be traveling to America, fans quickly turned to the most important question of all, “How do I get tickets?

Considering the popularity of the group, it turns into the survival of the fittest and every ARMY for themselves when the time comes to buy the “Goldust” tickets.


Well, it seems like BTS’s Suga is on hand to calm any ARMYs down and give them some advice on the best way to buy tickets.

On March 1, Suga surprised fans with a live broadcast from his studio. During the broadcast, Suga spoke to fans about everything from praising Jungkook for their OST, his long hair, and much more.


In particular, Suga spoke a lot about the upcoming PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE tour, more than he expected, sharing his feelings on the show. Of course, considering the demand for the tickets, ARMYs shared their worries about getting them, and Suga reassured them.

Please don’t get too nervous during ticketing. I think it’s okay to be a bit calm.

— Suga


It is definitely easier said than done for Suga to say that ARMYs shouldn’t be too nervous because he seems to have forgotten just how famous BTS are. Luckily, he accepted that it might not be as easy for fans, so when someone asked for advice, he tried to help.

“Is there a way not to get nervous (about ticketing)?” Just do it as you normally would. Like when you’re choosing from a menu, haha.

— Suga


Fans later reminded Suga that they’ve never had to go, explaining, “Bangtan is so lucky they can go to Bangtan concert.” After reading the comment, Suga couldn’t help but laugh, adding “Haha, we go every time.


Someone later explained, “The only alternative to the concert is death,” but once again, Suga was back with some good advice. He explained, “No, you can always watch it online.”


Even at the end of the broadcast before he left, Suga had some words of encouragement for fans who were trying to get tickets. He explained, “Anyways, good luck on getting tickets,” and it is definitely going to motivate fans even more.

When the broadcast was shared, fans couldn’t get over how adorable Suga was with his comments. He seemed to not only forget how famous BTS are worldwide, but also that even getting tickets to watch the concert in theaters are impossible to get.

Hopefully, Suga’s encouragement and words can bring some help and luck to ARMYs trying to get tickets. In the meantime, fans need to get prepared for the day the tickets are released because it won’t be easy.

You can read more from the live broadcast below.

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