BTS ARMYs Stole The Show At Lollapalooza After Erica Banks Brought Them On Stage

And the award for the best crowd goes to…

July 31 will be memorable in the history of Lollapalooza for a handful of reasons. Firstly, it is the day when J-Hope from BTS became the first Korean headliner of the festival. Secondly, he also became the highest ticket-selling artist in the festival’s 31 years of existence. Thirdly, this day might be remembered as the day a fandom became the star of the show like it’s no big deal.

Erica Banks on stage with some ARMYs | @kitiara_dc/Twitter

It all happened when rapper Erica Banks brought a bunch of ARMYs on stage while performing her hit track “Buss It.” Before you knew it, the ARMYs were throwing it back to the cheers of a roaring crowd!

The videos of the performance spread like wildfire on the internet in the blink of an eye. The artist herself went on Twitter to share her happiness at how much exposure her performance got and reposted a tweet thanking ARMYs for the love!

A large amount of BTS fans had already gathered at the barricade to secure their place for J-Hope’s performance, and during the sets of other artists, these fans made sure to hype them as much as possible. Even in the Lollapalooza subreddit, the general public appreciated how energetic the crowd was throughout the day.

Looks like ARMYs learned a thing or two from their BTS boys on how to get the party turned up like crazy!