The Song That Best Defines BTS As Artists, According To Themselves

Suga couldn’t choose just one song.

In a recent question and answer interview on their YouTube channel, BTS were asked to select one of their songs that “could express BTS.”

Of course, their recent anthology album PROOF gives fans an overview of BTS’s incredible career thus far, so with their impressive discography, it would be difficult to only choose one song, but BTS certainly did their best.

For V, “Yet To Come” is the song that best expresses who BTS are as artists.


With the references to BTS’s discography in both the music video and lyrics of “Yet To Come,” V felt that the song is a good representation of the group.

Our title track “Yet To Come.” The path we’ve taken. The concepts we’ve done. All those records are in that [song] and it makes me feel a bit strange.



Understandably, Suga couldn’t decide on just one song to best express who BTS are. First, he suggested that “We Are Bulletproof PT.2” and “MIC Drop” are good options because they represent BTS’s sound.

I think “We Are Bulletproof PT.2” or “MIC Drop” are the songs that match our identity the most.


Suga | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

But on the other hand, Suga points out that “Dynamite” is the song that, in his words, “made [BTS] famous.” So he feels that BTS’s identity as artists is somewhere in between those three songs.

But ironically, the song that made us famous is “Dynamite,” so they’re always warring each other. I think it’s somewhere in between.



Like V, J-Hope also selects one of their recent songs for his answer, choosing “For Youth.”

J-Hope | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

J-Hope explains that he feels BTS is defined by their constant relationship with ARMY, and “For Youth” in particular represents BTS’s gratitude for their fans.

I think it’s “For Youth.” Our gratitude for our fans always comes first. ARMY has made our “Most Beautiful Moment in Life” and shaped our youth. It’s a beautiful song dedicated to them. I think that song is central to us at this point.



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