Stay Safe And Mask Up With New BTS “Butter” Masks By DOBU

You really need this merch!

Get your wallets prepared, ARMY. More BTS merch is on the way, but it’s 100% a necessity this time.

With COVID-19 cases not disappearing but, in fact, rising, there’s nothing more needed right now than masks. So, DOBU Mask is releasing specially designed masks for ARMY.

DOBU Masks is releasing multiple editions of a “BTS artwork mask” series. The first edition is specifically inspired by the GRAMMY-nominated song of the summer, “Butter.”

This collection includes seven different brightly colored masks, one for each member and an additional yellow mask, perfectly colored for “Butter.”

The masks are available individually or as a special packaged collection.

BTS x DOBU Masks (1st edition) will be available on January 10 at 10 AM KST, purchased through DobuMall.

The BTS artwork masks’ second edition will be released in the upcoming months, February and March. The 2nd edition is said to release later in January, while 3rd-5th to release in February, and finally, 6th-8th in March.