BTS Reveals What FESTA Means To Them Through An Audio Message On Spotify

Congrats to BTS!

With BTS’s 2020 FESTA slowly coming to a close with the final birthday party video on June 13, Spotify dropped a little surprise for fans. Fans are able to listen to a special audio message by the members through Spotify as they explain what FESTA means to them.

There is a playlist titled ‘BTS FESTA 2020 Audio Message’ that has all seven members’ messages regarding their view on what FESTA means to them.





FESTA is like a gift that we give to ARMYs every year. We have prepared many things over a long period of time for this FESTA to provide a refresh and healing once a day.


It is our debut date and a festival that goes on until the actual day on June 13.


FESTA is a festival that would disappoint if we did not have it. It’s kind of like a festival or sports event we have at school. Since there are a lot of different situations this time around I am looking forward to this year.


It is one of the projects that we are gifting to ARMY.

Who’s excited for their upcoming seventh birthday video and online concert this weekend? They have also recently dropped a Map of the Song: 7 video to continue the celebrations for FESTA.