BTS Releases “Map Of The Song: 7” Video For FESTA 2020

This fun, new video is a special gift for ARMY.

BTS‘s “Map of the Song: 7” is finally here!

On June 10, BTS released a special new video for 2020 FESTA. Each year, the group celebrates their June 2013 debut by giving fans new photos, videos, songs, and more as gifts. This year, fans have received an “Airplane Pt. 2” video filmed in Saipan, family portraits, a rehearsal video for “Dionysus”, Jungkook‘s “Still With You” solo song, and much more!

Many fans expected “Map of the Song: 7” to be a music video, but this 35-minute surprise is actually a song challenge. Dressed in nostalgic jerseys, the members compete in the noble sport of karaoke to win prizes! This video is especially wonderful for fans who love BTS’s variety show, Run BTS!

Cancel your plans for the day! It’s time to join the “Map of the Song: 7” game.