BTS’s Recent Speech Is Proof They’re Not In Bad Terms With BigHit Entertainment

RM clarified it straightforwardly.

JTBC recently reported that BTS and BigHit Entertainment are in a legal battle due to disputes about their profit divisions. Some fans began to criticize BigHit and Bang Si Hyuk, claiming they weren’t treating BTS fairly.

However, other ARMYs have brought up proof that BTS and BigHit are not in a dispute and that their relationship is still strong as ever.


Just a few days ago, BTS was awarded Variety’s Hitmakers Group of the Year award, and RM‘s speech was proof that the bond between the group and their agency hasn’t wavered.


During the speech, RM made sure to emphasize that although the members are the ones present to receive the award, it wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of Bang Si Hyuk and BigHit Entertainment staff.

Even though we’re here to receive this award from very far away, none of this would have been possible without the effort of Mr. Bang and all the producers and all the staff from our label.

— RM


RM also revealed that the group will be releasing new music in 2020, which is further proof that their bond and desire to continue working with BigHit hasn’t changed.


Check out RM’s full speech below:

Source: Nate Pann