Backup Dancer For BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Can’t Stop Praising The Group For Embracing Diversity During Their Shows

“I didn’t feel like I’m the token black girl…”

BTS recently finished performing shows for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL shows at the Olympic Stadium. Over the three nights, fans worldwide witnessed the group’s first show in Korea since the pandemic started, whether in person, at home, or in the theater.

Members of BTS | @bts_twt/ Twitter

As expected, the show was full of some amazing moments, and from the members’ talent, production, and atmosphere, it was definitely unmissable. Yet, as always, one other thing caught the attention of netizens, and it was the backing dancers who always slay.

One of those who recently shared her experience of being a backup dancer was Bibi, from the YouTube channel LiveOutLoud. Bibi shared a photo of herself backstage at the concert and an image of her as one of the dancers during one of the shows’ performances. As an ARMY, she was definitely living everyone’s dreams.

Bibi | @liveout.loud/ Instagram
| @liveout.loud/ Instagram

Yet, she also posted a video sharing her experiences from working with the group during the show.

Bibi shared that once she got contacted about potentially being involved in a famous idol group (who wasn’t named at the time), her shots were sent to HYBE, and it was them who chose her, which made her friend Leslie very excited.

When the agencies call you, it means they listed you up. They always call it a ‘list-up’ in Korean. So they just send your profile to the client. So, they sent our profiles to HYBE, and HYBE picked who they wanted.

— Bibi

| LiveOutLoud/ YouTube
| LiveOutLoud/ YouTube     

During the particular song Bibi was in, which was “Butter,” a viewer wanted to know if there was a decision made by BTS or HYBE to have an all-black cast for the band. Bibi explained that she thought the idea stemmed from wanting to give a more American vibe to the song.

| LiveOutLoud/ YouTube

Yet, more importantly, Bibi shared how grateful she was that the company and group wanted to utilize a diverse cast and always showcase representation during the show.

I appreciate the representation. We really appreciated it, it was really nice. It’s not the first time they’ve done it.

— Bibi

| LiveOutLoud/ YouTube 

Both Bibi and Leslie then shared that one of the things they love most about BTS is their dedication to ensuring that they are always respectful and conscious of promoting representation and diversity through their music.

They’ve had different and diverse dancers for a while, like a long time. I didn’t think, ‘Oh, I’m the token black girl.’ I just felt like this was a concept and we fitted the concept.

— Bibi

| LiveOutLoud/ YouTube 

For any ARMYs, they know just how true this is. In particular, when BTS released the music video for “Permission to Dance,” netizens couldn’t stop raving about the diversity and inclusivity showcased throughout.

One of the first things fans noticed in the music video was that the members incorporated Korean (KSL) and international (ASL) sign language into their choreography. The group’s record label later confirmed that this was the case, and the members were using sign language for the words “fun,” “dance,” and “peace.”

| HYBE Labels/ YouTube 

The music video also made sure that all of their fans would be able to relate to the narrative. Throughout the video, people of different ages, races, and nationalities were represented, ensuring that fans knew that BTS’s message of positivity was for everyone. It was also a way of celebrating how much diversity there is in the world!

| HYBE Labels/ YouTube

As expected, BTS continues to showcase their awareness of the diversity on the planet. Sometimes, Korean society can be targetted for not accepting those deemed different to them, yet BTS are proving this isn’t always the case.

You can read more about BTS embracing diversity below.

Fans Praise BTS For Celebrating Diversity In Their “Permission To Dance” Music Video

Source: LiveOutLoud

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