“Bad Decisions?” Police Crash BTS ARMYs’ Party With Benny Blanco In The Woods 


“Bad Decisions” led to good times for producer Benny Blanco and a very lucky group of BTS fans!

Benny Blanco | Billboard

On August 5, Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg released their new collaboration song with BTS, “Bad Decisions.” 24 hours earlier, Benny Blanco sent ARMYs on a treasure hunt to find a USB drive hidden somewhere in Los Angeles’ woods. The drive contained a copy of “Bad Decisions.”

Despite their brilliant detective work (and teamwork), fans were unable to track down the treasure in time. After retrieving the USB, Benny Blanco invited ARMY to come out to the location to meet him in person.

ARMY happily answered the call! Over two dozen fans arrived at this unconventional streaming party with lightsticks and BTS merch.

During the meet-up, Benny Blanco posed for photos and gave away the much-sought USB to an ARMY.

Unfortunately, the party attracted some uninvited guests: the police! According to fans, the police arrived to break up a not-so-wild party that involved chatting about BTS and listening to “Bad Decisions.”

It’s a shame that all good things (and bad decisions) must come to an end, but the police’s arrival made this surprise streaming party even more memorable.

Watch the “Bad Decisions” music video here!

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