BTS Reveals What Fans Can Expect From “Butter” And Discusses The BBMAs

Their comeback stage is coming soon!

Nominated for four categories in this year’s 2021 Billboard Music Awards, BTS recently discussed their exciting nominations as well as their new song “Butter” which will be performed for the first time at the show.

The boys are in the running for “Top Duo/Group,” “Top Social Artist,” “Top Songs Sales Artist,” and “Top Selling Artist.” However, BTS stays humble as always when they reveal which nomination is most exciting for them.

All of them! They are all very meaningful nominations, so we are very excited!

— Jungkook

Performing at the BBMAs last year with “Dynamite,” they will now be performing for the second time with their comeback stage for “Butter.” BTS set the record straight on the differences fans can expect from these two English singles.

The recording process went smooth for “Butter.” [Butter and Dynamite] are two different songs and “Butter” focuses more on showing each of our charms.

— J-Hope

Don’t forget to catch BTS’s exclusive performance at the BBMA’s Sunday May 23 at 8 PM EST.

Watch the full interview with Billboard below.