Veteran Male Idol Praises BTS And Picks His Bias

As an idol who debuted sixteen years ago, here’s what he said.

The youngest member of SS501 recently kicked off his series Neighborhood Bro Jjun. In the first episode, Kim Hyungjun gushed a bit about his juniors BTS and even revealed which member was his bias.

Kim Hyungjun | @hyungjunking/Instagram

When the staff shared their goals for the show, they had one that many artists could relate to. They said they wanted to collaborate with none other than BTS, surprising Kim Hyungjun.

Because of BTS’s status as a ground-breaking group, the staff asked Kim Hyungjun if he would refer to them as juniors or seniors. Despite debuting sixteen years ago, he said, “I have to greet the big bros.

Kim Hyungjun then explained why he’d be happy to, gushing about their accomplishments. He continued, “Because they are promoting our country. Not just a little, but they are the best worldwide.

He was such a fan of BTS that he even had a favorite member. Kim Hyungjun laughed while saying, “I like brother Jimin.

From a thirty-six-year-old senior idol to a small baby, no one’s immune to Jimin’s charms—or BTS’s.


Check out Kim Hyungjun’s sweet reaction to his juniors.