BTS And Big Hit Entertainment Team Up For $1 Million Donation To Crew Nation

BTS revealed why it was so important for them to contribute.

When it comes to human rights, the members of BTS have used their voices to speak out against any mistreatment or injustices that have come to their attention.

After learning about the Black Lives Matter movement that originated in the United States and spread across the world, the group didn’t hesitate to donate $1 million USD to support the cause. Upon learning of the purpose of Crew Nation, the group teamed up with their company Big Hit Entertainment to once again help those in need.

Due to COVID-19, specifically coronavirus, many people no longer have jobs to provide income for themselves and their families. Among the industries that have been hit hardest, individuals who were working as staff for live concerts are struggling. The ban on large gatherings and the cancellation of live events have hit them hard.

Thanks to “one of the largest artist donations that has been raised for the Crew Nation fund since its conception,” those workers will have some form of income to survive these hard times. Since BTS had initially planned to go on tour during this time, providing work for those staff, they explained that this was one way they could give back to them.

If it weren’t for COVID-19, we would have been happily touring across the world with many of our live concert crews by now. We are aware that a lot of communities need help due to COVID-19, and we wanted to support the music industry crews by making a donation. We hope to meet again on stage very soon.

Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO Lenzo Yoon shared BTS’s sentiment, expressing the need to help those who were struggling any way that they could.

It is very unfortunate that the music industry has to go through such a difficult time at the moment. We hope our contribution to Crew Nation could help support many live concert crews around the world.

Source: Variety