Big Hit Entertainment Plans To Futurize BTS’s “ARMY Bomb” Lightstick

BTS’s agency is revolutionizing lightsticks.

BTS‘s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, is planning to revolutionize today’s K-Pop lightsticks.


Recently, CEO Bang Si Hyuk held a press conference to discuss the company’s 2019 profits, a new BTS game, a BTS-inspired K-Drama, a new girl group, and much more.


During the conference, beNX‘s CEO, Steve Seo, weighed in on Weverse developments and changes that aim to improve the overall customer experience.


One of these changes involves the “ARMY bomb”: BTS’s official lightstick. Currently, there are three versions of the lightstick. The most recent one uses Bluetooth technology for seat synchronization to create complex oceans of light that are perfectly timed with BTS’s music.


Steve Seo says that Weverse is planning to expand into a “communication platform” that will allow fans to interact in new ways.


Currently, ARMY Bomb are primarily used at BTS concerts, but now they will serve another purpose.


Outside of concerts, the lightsticks will give fans an in-home concert experience. Not only does this give ARMYs even more incentive to purchase a lightstick, it also helps the ARMYs who cannot attend concerts feel more included.


At this time, it’s unclear if Big Hit Entertainment will link existing ARMY Bombs to Weverse or release a Version 4. Hopefully, fans will know soon!