BTS Renews Exclusive Contract With Big Hit Entertainment For Another 7 Years

Here’s to another 7 years with Big Hit!

On October 18, it was revealed that Big Hit Entertainment renewed their exclusive contract with BTS for another 7 years through an email sent to the company employees and shareholders.

“Based on our deep trust and affection for BTS, we have signed a 7-year renewal contract.” ㅡ Big Hit Entertainment


BTS debuted back in June 2013 and has been with Big Hit Entertainment for the past 6 years. With 1 year left in their current contract, they have signed their contract renewal in advance.


Big Hit Entertainment’s content production abilities are known to be a big factor of the early contract renewal. The agency has shown extraordinary results in all aspects including album producing, music videos, performances, staging and social media contents, and have successfully helped BTS become a global star.


Big Hit Entertainment stated their plans to do their best to support BTS into the future:

“It is Big Hit’s philosophy to treat artists who are making significant achievements throughout the world in the best way possible. After sufficient discussion with the seven members of BTS, we have renewed our contract for more stable and long-term promotions. We will strengthen our team in charge of BTS, which is currently comprised of about 100 people, and do our best to provide systematic and wholehearted investment and support.” ㅡ Big Hit Entertainment


BTS has also made a statement in regard to their contract renewal, mentioning their respect for Big Hit CEO, Bang Si Hyuk:

“We respect Mentor Bang Si Hyuk, who proposed a vision of our future since before our debut and who opened our eyes to ‘a new perspective on music and life’. We will do our best to show our fans from around the world greater aspects of ourselves with Big Hit, who has continued to give us their full support.” ㅡ BTS

Source: Osen