Alleged VIPs Flood BTS’s Instagram With Hate, ARMYs Respond In the Best Way

They’re combating hate with love.

ARMYs have banded together to battle recent hate comments on BTS‘s Instagram. The comments were allegedly left by some members of BIGBANG‘s fandom, VIP.


Like most fandom rivalries, the rivalry between BTS fans and BIGBANG fans can be traced back to the classic “whose bias group is the biggest/best?” debate. Early on in BTS’s career, some VIPs also accused BTS of plagiarizing BIGBANG, which only created more animosity between the fandoms.


Recently, however tensions between VIP and ARMY have reached new extremes, in light of the Burning Sun scandal .  Although BTS have no connection to BIGBANG Seungri‘s scandal, their widespread popularity has made them easy targets for criticism. ARMYs too claim to have been “attacked”, despite not being involved in the situation.


Recently, BTS’s official Instagram account was flooded with hateful comments directed at BTS and ARMYs. The comments were allegedly made by “vapes”, immature BIGBANG fans who do not represent the VIP community as a whole.


To combat this negativity, and to keep BTS from reading the hate comments, ARMYs have flooded BTS’s Instagram posts with purple hearts.


On Twitter, ARMYs have asked VIPs to address the issue, and to discourage “vapes” from bringing BTS into it.


ARMYs have also apologized to VIP for the BTS fans who have involved themselves in “#SeungriRetirementParty”, and more.