Shocking Truth Behind Burning Sun Assault Revealed Through CCTV Footage

The CCTV footage served as proof.

The truth behind the Burning Sun Assault has finally been revealed through CCTV footage as well as information about the female accusers.

It all began when a man named Kim Sang Kyo claimed to have been assaulted by Burning Sun’s employees and the police when all he did was try to help a woman who was being groped.

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While numerous sides of the story put everyone in a state of confusion, a CCTV footage has revealed the truth once and for all. The footage showed a man grabbing Kim by his hair. This was the man who assaulted Kim first.


When Kim was being beaten by a group of Burning Sun employees outside, the man could be seen exiting through the VIP exit and slipping away in his car after briefly watching over the beating.


As it turns out, the man was an acquaintance of Seungri and Burning Sun’s CEO and also a VIP customer who, according to an insider, spent $7,000-$9,000 USD on tables each visit.


Kim claims that Burning Sun’s CEO and the employees began to beat him in order to take the bullet for their VIP customer.


Moreover, the three women who accused Kim of sexual assault were all revealed to have been connected with employees of Burning Sun. One woman who goes by the name Aena is known to have been a promoter of the club, another woman an acquaintance of the Burning Sun CEO and the other woman an acquaintance of a sales employee of the club.


Watch the video below:


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