ARMYs Are Criticizing BigHit For Including BTS “Traumas” In ARMYPEDIA

Fans have expressed their anger about this particular content.

Big Hit Entertainment has recently received criticism from BTS fans about their ARMYPEDIA content.


ARMYPEDIA is a worldwide puzzle hunt wherein ARMYs must work together to discover and unlock 2,080 puzzle pieces and answer BTS trivia questions. This global campaign officially kicked off on February 25 and will run for four weeks.


In addition to being a puzzle hunt, ARMYPEDIA is also a digital archive that looks back at memories from BTS’s debut until now. Fans, however, believe that some of these memories are better left unmentioned.


Some ARMYs became upset after discovering this question about one of Jin‘s most embarrassing memories: his pants falling down on BTS’s debut day.


These fans were also angered by Big Hit Entertainment’s choice to include a “trauma” RM experienced during BTS’s “Rookie of the Year” award win.


These fans have expressed their anger about these memory choices, but other ARMYs have defended Big Hit Entertainment’s decision to include both good and bad moments.


They feel that it’s important to include BTS’s hardships in order to look back on BTS’s journey honestly.


You can find out more details about ARMYPEDIA here.

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