ARMYs Are Hyped For “ARMYPEDIA”, A Worldwide BTS Puzzle Hunt

This exciting new adventure celebrates BTS x ARMY memories.

An exciting new adventure has been created for BTS ARMYs all around the world: ARMYPEDIA!


According to the official website, ARMYPEDIA is an international puzzle hunt in which ARMYs must work together to discover and unlock 2,080 puzzle pieces hidden all over the world.


The puzzle pieces, which roughly correspond to the number of days BTS have been together since their debut, will be scattered across cities around the world and throughout the internet.


Each puzzle piece represents one of these dates, and each of the 2,080 pieces are designated by both a date and a number. A QR code is also included with each puzzle piece, which can be scanned to answer that piece’s quiz question about BTS.


All the date cards on ARMYPEDIA are locked until ARMY can uncover the puzzle pieces, and then use the QR code on each piece to successfully answer the quiz. Once a date card is unlocked, any ARMY can upload something about BTS related to that date, or add their own special memory about BTS that happened on that day,


Once the campaign officially kicks off on February 25, ARMY will have four weeks to find all 2,080 puzzle pieces that will open each date card.


The campaign also includes points and prizes. ARMYs who place 1st to 2,080th will receive Big Hit Shop points as rewards, ranging from 100,000 points to 1,000 points. When ARMYPEDIA is completed, every single ARMY member who participated will receive an emblem as a certificate for taking part in the ARMYPEDIA journey.


At this time, it is unclear whether this hunt is fanmade or official because it has not been announced. Most fans, however, believe it is official, based on a list of Big Hit Entertainment copyrights.


ARMYPEDIA is already trending worldwide and once the hunt begins, it will no doubt take over the world just like BTS have!



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