BTS’s Iconic “Black Swan” Outfits From “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Are Finally On Display At HYBE INSIGHT

ARMYs can also see mannequins that are realistically… muscular!

Although it is has been a few weeks since BTS ended their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in America, ARMYs worldwide still can’t stop talking about the epic show and all the moments that made it special.

The members of BTS in LA | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Some of the most popular outfits were created by Jay Baek Couture and were for the “Black Swan” performances. Yet, fans won’t have to miss them too much as they are currently on show at HYBE INSIGHT Museum in Seoul. Here is a look at all the outfits fans can see and how iconic they were in the first place!

1. RM

Leader RM has always had his own style, which was reflected in the outfit shown at HYBE INSIGHT. RM’s blazer focused more on textures with an almost quilt-like design, and fans didn’t fail to notice that even the mannequins showcased his muscles and build from all that time in the gym.

| ONLY_MOMENT_V/ Twitter

RM is known for his charisma and personality, so this outfit allowed him to showcase those both perfectly. The light material also seemed to make it easier to move on stage in a song that holds a special place in many hearts. 

2. Jin

As expected from Worldwide Handsome, oldest member Jin’s outfit was one of the ones that stood out the most with the sparkling blazer and chain detail on the shirt. Finishing it with a skinnier fit of pants was the perfect addition to ensure that the outfit was the perfect mix of theatre and sophistication.

| ONLY_MOMENT_V/ Twitter

Although known for his visuals, Jin is no joke on stage or in this track, and the outfit perfectly allows fans to appreciate everything Jin has to offer on stage.

3. Suga

BTS has always shown that they are pioneers in breaking boundaries regarding gender and fashion, which is perfectly shown in Suga’s outfit. The jacket seems minimalistic, with only a sea of rhinestones on the collar, but the skirt overlay makes it unique and perfect for Suga.

| ONLY_MOMENT_V/ Twitter

Suga shined in this outfit that combined many different textures and materials during the performance. As expected, he made everything look effortless, and the look was the perfect way to highlight the song’s feel but also his visuals.

| @jaybaekcouture/ Instagram

4. J-Hope

J-Hope has always been known for his fashion that breaks barriers out of the members. Yet, as one of the group’s main dancers, his outfit reflected the key purpose with light material and only a small amount of embellishments.

| ONLY_MOMENT_V/ Twitter

As expected, it was the perfect fit and allowed J-Hope’s style to be shown and his magnificent dancing to be the center of attention. Adding small sets of crystals allowed the light to hit the outfit and make J-Hope look ethereal.

5. Jimin

When it comes to main dancer Jimin, “Black Swan” is one of the tracks that perfectly showcases his talent. The overall shape and design are minimalistic, but the embellishments and the chain added an extra level to the look.

| ONLY_MOMENT_V/ Twitter

Considering how amazing Jimin is at dancing, the outfit had to be light enough to allow Jimin to move effortlessly but also to shine on stage amongst the bright lights. As shown by the performance, Jimin looked flawless and comfortable as he interpreted the song in his own image.

6. V

Everyone in BTS is known for their unique style, but V has always gained attention for his elegant and sometimes out-of-the-box choices, and this was no different. Out of all the outfits, V’s is the most theatrical, with a lot of key points from the flared pants to the blazer ruffles.

| ONLY_MOMENT_V/ Twitter

Despite the theatrics, V had this aura that allowed his visuals and talent to shine. As expected, V has shown that he can pull off any look, and it isn’t surprising that many would love to see V at the Met Gala in an outfit that showcases his personality.

| @jaybaekcouture/ Instagram

7. Jungkook

Maknae Jungkook wore the final outfit, and it definitely caught the eyes of fans from the very first night of the tour. The intricate details on the blazer with chains and accessories that contrasted against the grey color were definitely eye-catching.

| ONLY_MOMENT_V/ Twitter

In particular, it sent fans into excitement after Jungkook revealed that the jacket was cropped and bared his abs on the first show for fans to see. The elegant movements from the track’s choreography were allowed to shine in this outfit as it was the perfect way to allow Jungkook more freedom with his dancing.