Here’s How BTS Coordinates Stage Movements So They Don’t Bump Into Each Other 

The struggle is real, but they’re professionals!

Not only do the BTS members have to focus on nailing their choreography during performances, they also have to take stage movement into consideration.

When there is a moving camera, unusual stage design, or any unique variable for a performance, they have to coordinate with each other how they can move efficiently and effortlessly.

As shown in their 2021 MTV Unplugged “Blue & Grey” performance, this takes a lot of rehearsal!

Running through the performance allows them to see who’s being blocked by the camera…

…and who’s getting bumped into by another member! Jin‘s massive shoulders clearly blocked the way for Suga on the narrow path.

In between all of this practice, there’s a lot of spare time left for other members to goof around. Jin chose to sing purposely out of tune…

…while Jimin thought the set was perfect for “battle” games.

The youngest members work hard…

…but they play hard, too!

At the end of their long practices and filming, they wrap things up smoothly.

Ultimately, the final result is a unique and smoothly coordinated performance!

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below.