BTS Have Been Spotted Wearing These Bracelets, Here’s Why

It’s for a special cause, you’ll be touched.

There is a wonderful meaning behind the bracelets that BTS have been spotted wearing recently. 


The members caught the interest of their fans when they showed up with new bracelets during their concert in the United States.


It was a bracelet made with various stones of different colors and may look like any other accessory at first glance. But it has a special meaning… 


The item was created for the United Nation and UNICEF’s new initiative for the youth in collaboration with BrandtBrand. It is being promoted as the “Generation Unlimited” partnership. 


“Generation Unlimited” is an initiative that ensures every youth to be in education, training or employment by 2030.

“A wearable reminder that young people are being taken seriously, that they have potential, and that their ideas and talents can be realized through Generation Unlimited.”

— BrandtBrand


BTS, who once supported UNICEF with their “Love Myself” campaign, showed their support for this new initiative by wearing the bracelet in solidarity. 


For fans who wanted to get their hands on the item, however, may have to wait until it gets sold. Brandt, the makers of the bracelet, issued a statement that the item remains not on sale but is working on making it available with a donation soon. 

Source: SBS