Jin’s Wish For BTS’s Future Might Make You Cry

Jin made a beautiful wish for BTS in the final episode of “Break The Silence”.

“Even though I like to laugh and may not look that serious on the outside. I want to be a person they can rely on emotionally. ”

This is how Jin described the person he wants to be to his members. In the final episode of the Break The Silence docuseries, BTS reflected on their special bond while looking to the bright and beautiful future.

RM described BTS’s relationship as one that can’t be easily defined. Since it’s in the space between family and best friends, he said that sometimes there is room for misunderstandings.

I think they’re somewhere between family and best friends. Being somewhere in between that, it’s hard for us to clearly define our relationship, so there are times when we fight and don’t understand each other. I think that’s sometimes why we love or hate each other.

— RM

Like everyone, BTS have their ups and downs, but if there’s one thing all the members agree on, it’s that they’re happiest when they’re together. Jin followed up RM’s description of BTS’s bond with his own heartfelt thoughts.

“That’s how it is now,” he said. “but if we go our own ways later in the future…”

“…I hope we continue to see each other…”

“…and spend time together often…”

“…because we’re happy now…”

“…when we’re together.”

If there’s one wish ARMYs could grant for BTS, it might be this one. Fame and fortune? They fade, but true friendship lasts a lifetime.

If you want to read more of BTS’s thoughts from the finale, don’t forget your tissues!

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