BTS’s V Explains How His Photography Helps Him Write Lyrics

V takes viewers behind the scenes in “Break The Silence”.

Every songwriter has a different creative process, and V‘s is intimately connected to his photography.

In Episode 2 of BTS‘s new docuseries, Break The Silence, RM helped Jimin write lyrics for his solo song “Promise” while V brainstormed lyrics for his own music.

“I’m not really good at expressing myself eloquently,” V confessed. “I won’t be able to write poetic lyrics like Namjoon [RM], but I’d like to write lyrics that convey my true feelings.” 

V’s photography helps him to channel those feelings from specific moments in his life.

“It’s been five years since I took up photography,” he said. “The way I look at the world when I take photos, and the emotions I feel while taking them are the things I wanted to express in my lyrics.”

“When I take photos, the people I see through the lens…”

“…the scenery…”

“…the streets…”

“…and the sky…”

“…I wanted to write about what those things mean to me.”

“They’re not just photos, but a real source of strength for me.”

“The things I felt then are still within me. I can feel them even now. “

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