Here Are 10 Of BTS V’s Best Photographs That Captured The World As He Sees It

Thank you for these masterpieces, Vante!

BTS‘s boasts extraordinary photography skills — on top of his singing, dancing, and always-looking-good skills. His knack at taking professional-quality pictures has left ARMYs wishing he would pursue the hobby further, like hold exhibits. Fortunately, V — also known as Vante the Photographer — has been active in sharing his works on BTS’s Twitter account, for ARMYs to marvel. From his wide collection of masterpieces, we have chosen the top 10 most beautiful snapshots that captured the world as V sees it.


1. Bon Voyage


2. Rainy Day


3. Jungkook On The Roof


4. The Light


5. The Turtle


6. Jimin At Sea


7. Bye!


8. Spring Day




10. Scenery