BTS’s V Talks About Opening A Vante Art Gallery For Fans

A fan asked V if a Vante art gallery is in his future.

BTS‘s V recently discussed the possibility of opening a Vante art gallery.


“Vante” is the pseudonym V uses for his photography and paintings. The name was inspired by photographer Ante Badzim, whom V is a huge fan of.


Over the years, V has impressed millions of fans with his stunning scenery photos…


…nature shots…


…portraits of his members…


…and more.


V has also shared some of his paintings, which are just as memorable and unique as he is.


On April 21, BTS answered fan-submitted questions at their Aladin fan sign. One fan asked if V has plans to open up a Vante art gallery.


So far, V doesn’t have any plans…


…but that could change in the future. He said that if fans hear about a Vante art gallery 20 years from now, that will be his gallery. “Please come,” he said.


Jimin asked ARMYs if they would wait 20 years for V’s gallery. The answer, of course, was yes!


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