Swol Suga Is Giving Fans One More Reason To See “Bring The Soul”

Suga’s muscles are the true stars of BTS’s new movie.

ARMYs don’t need a reason to buy BTS movie tickets, but Big Hit Entertainment is giving them one anyway: swol Suga!


Suga loves to sleep and his spirit animal is a rock, but that doesn’t mean he skips leg day. Recently, ARMYs have been fangirling/fanboying over his and V‘s workouts.


In 2018, Suga hit the gym during BTS’s Love Yourself tour and started getting buff. So buff, in fact, that the stylists told him to knock it off!


Even so, Swol Suga can’t be stopped! On July 3, BTS dropped the trailer for their upcoming movie, Bring The Soul, and it included clips of Suga at the gym.


What is ARMY’s response to this? “Shut-up and take our money!”.


If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer here: