BTS Broke The Rules At Their Own Pop-Up Store, “House Of BTS”

The maknae line got rebellious at the House of BTS.

Once again, BTS have proven that rules were made to be broken!


On October 23, BTS paid a visit to the new pop-up store, House of BTS, in Gangnam. From October 18 to January 5, this pop-up store will allow ARMY to experience the world within BTS’s music videos with plenty of special exhibits, pictures, and more.


During their visit, the members took advantage of the store’s photo ops, posing with their chibi figurines…


…Map of the Soul: Persona standees…




…and music video sets.


They also had fun taking silly photos with these larger than life ARMY bombs.


Two members, however, failed to follow the display’s “no touch” rule. “Please don’t touch” is written on signs in Korean and English.


Rules? Pfft. Rules don’t apply to the maknae line! Signs or no signs, and Jungkook wrapped their arms around the inflatable lightsticks to create these fun memories!


Speaking of V and Jungkook, they trended (again)!

Jungkook And V Trended For Holding Hands At The “House Of BTS”