BTS’s “Lights” Has Broken Celine Dion’s 24-Year-Old Record

No one has come close to touching this record since 1995.

BTS has paved the way again by breaking a historic sales record!


On July 3 (JST), BTS dropped their 10th Japanese single, “Lights/Boy With Luv”. Following its release, the song immediately worldwide and racked up millions of streams. The music video alone has gained 15+ million views in just two days!


It has earned over 467,000 points on Japan’s Oricon Chart for Daily Singles, which is 140,000 points higher than its Japanese predecessor, “FAKE LOVE/Airplane Pt. 2”.


The song’s preorder sales are even more impressive. “Lights” sold 1 million preorders, breaking Celine Dion‘s 1995 record in Japan. Her song, “To Love You More” wore this crown for 24 years!


“24” seems to be BTS’s lucky number. Last month, they broke another 24-year-old previous sales record held by Kim Gun-mo!

BTS Is The First Artist To Break This Guinness World Record In 24 Years