BTS Display Brotherly Love For One Another As They Help Keep Each Other From Falling While Roller-Skating

They literally have each other’s backs!

In a new BANGTAN BOMB, BTS go to a roller rink to film their “Dynamite” performance for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While they were there to dance, they also took some time for fun and roller-skate!

For some, skating came naturally to them. For others, it was a bit more of a challenge. Before J-Hope even entered the rink, he felt somewhat intimidated by the others’ skills as he watched from afar.

But, when he saw V struggling, he could offer some advice on how to avoid falls. Yet, he wondered if perhaps he would then be unable to follow his own advice when the time came for him to skate…

And, well, because life is ironic, it ended up just like that. He ended up feeling so out of his element that he needed others’ help to get his footing and make his way onto the rink.

In addition to the staff, even his fellow members helped him! His roommate and close friend Jimin quickly made his way over to him and helped guide him by lending a helping hand.

Things were also not so bad when all of the members were in conga line together. BTS are always better together!

At least they could support each other as they made their way around the rink.

Unfortunately, the director then called for them to go off on their own… J-Hope and V weren’t ready for that just yet, but luckily Jin stayed behind to make sure they were okay first.

It’s great to have members who will always be there to help a brother in need.

Even when they skated independently, they kept an eye on each other and stayed nearby…

So, that way, they could catch their member when they happened to fall.

BTS literally have each other’s back!

No one can ever doubt BTS’s genuine love for each other. They are truly brothers!

Watch the full videos of BTS at the roller rink below:

See their performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below:

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