BTS Brought Chaos To “I-LAND” Before The Show Even Started

They had fun exploring the set before the show began.

BTS are bringing their Bangtan style antics to Mnet‘s I-LAND!

On August 14 at 11 PM (KST), BTS will guest on this K-Pop survival show, possibly to coach the trainees and evaluate their skills. These seven superstars are the definition of “famous”…but they seem to have forgotten it again!

Like kids at a theme park, the members were excited to see I-LAND and explore its training facilities.

It took less than two minutes for things to get hilariously chaotic. J-Hope and Suga put the magnetic nameplates on the I-LANDers’ chairs…then couldn’t get them off.

No matter how (or who) pulled on the nameplate, it wouldn’t budge. Help! Send help!

After leaving the main room, Jimin and couldn’t resist dancing when they stepped foot into the practice rooms, and talking about the “old days”. Soon, they will be sharing this space with the next generation of K-Pop stars.

Bring Episode 7 “ON”!