“I-LAND” Is Bringing Out BTS’s Inner Grandpas With Talk Of The “Old Days”

They reminisced on set of Mnet’s “I-LAND” about their trainee days.

BTS debuted just seven years ago, but the “old days” seem much farther away.

On August 14, BTS appeared in Episode 7 of the K-Pop survival show I-LAND to kick off Season 2. Before meeting the trainees, the members had some funny moments while exploring the I-LAND set.

Within minutes, they learned not to touch anything

…then reminisced about the old days. recalled how hard they used to rehearse their choreography, to the point where their body heat fogged up the practice room’s mirrors.

Jin talked about how they would wipe the mirrors with newspapers (as the show’s editors played old timer flute music in the background).

RM quickly cut the trip down memory lane short by saying “latte is horse” (나 때는 말이야 “natte-neun maliya“), a punny phrase for older people who say things like “when I was your age” or “during my time”.

In response, V switched gears, saying that they shouldn’t be “latte is horse” people.

Suga, on the other hand, was fine with his grandpa status. “We’re just talking about old memories,” he teased.

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