BT21 Becomes Squishy Gummy Babies With New JELLY CANDY Line

It’s not a want, but a NEED.

BT21 is introducing a whole new collection of adorable products that are sweet as candy named “BT21 BABY Jelly Candy.” The line features candy-inspired plushies, accessories, and more of each BABY BT21 character.

The Flat Cushions are perfect for snuggling and made of squishy and ultrasoft material…

…while the Key Rings are the perfect addition to your backpack or purse.

Clothing options include a full pajama set with an adorable gummy pattern.

Similarly, you can snag a cozy pair of pajama pants with the same print.

Accessories include colorful Hair Bands with an attached miniature plushie…

…as well as some totally cute no-show socks.

Unfortunately, there is no real candy available, but the collection is perfect for anyone who wants some super sweet accessories!