Something Big Is Coming Soon For BTS’s “BU” Universe, “Smeraldo Books”

They have something entirely new in store for BTS fans.

BigHit Entertainment is planning something huge in the BTS universe, and their latest hint has fans more excited than ever before.

Big Hit Entertainment’s Mysterious “Smeraldo Books” Piques Fans’ Curiosity


On January 6, Big Hit Entertainment created a new Twitter account called “Smeraldo Books”. The first post connected the smeraldo concept to “The Truth Untold”, the title of a BTS song.


So far, BigHit Entertainment has uploaded 8 teasers for this secret project, along with “notes” about each one.


Each one of those hints has built on fans’ excitement, but the latest one is gaining the most attention yet. On January 14, BigHit Entertainment’s “Smeraldo Books” account tweeted out an intriguing teaser image. The hashtags include “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”, “Smeraldo Book”, and “BU”, which is short for “BTS Universe”.


The image shows silhouettes of all the BTS members, along with shattered glass. The words “coming soon” can be seen at the bottom, and the “BU” logo is shown in the top righthand corner.


The illustration’s graphic style has led many fans to believe that “Smeraldo Books” will be a webtoon, anime, or comic book. It may even tie into BTS’s upcoming cinematic games.


It’s impossible to know just what the geniuses at BigHit Entertainment are planning, but the last time they dropped a “coming soon” teaser, TXT happened. So, if nothing else, we know that whatever is “coming soon” this time will definitely break the internet!

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