BTS Has “Infired” Burger King To Become A Stan Account

Fans are loving this unexpected Burger King x BTS collaboration.

These days, BTS fans are everywhere. They can be anyone, including the fast-food company that brought you the “whopper”!


Recently, BTS received love from Heineken for drinking Heineken beer at their dinner party. Heineken isn’t the only company that has BTS on the brain though.


On October 27, Burger King tweeted this burger doodle “infired” by BTS’s Love Yourself album designs. “Infires” is an ARMY joke from BTS’s rookie days, when the members mispronounced “inspired” in an interview.


This unexpected BTS x Burger King moment reminded some fans of “Bangtan Burger”, the Burger King parody CF Jungkook and filmed years ago.


Burger King proudly declared themselves a stan account…


…and ARMYs happily provided a tracklist for the upcoming “album”.


Now the only question is…what does McDonalds think about this “collab”?