Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Buy BTS’s New “Butter” CD Single

Instant photos, posters, and more!

BTS recently announced a “Butter” CD single, their upcoming release. Check out all of the contents you’ll receive if you get one for yourself!

There are two versions: “Peaches” and “Cream,” each featuring different versions of the content inside.

Each version comes with its own photobook…

…that contain over 100 pages!

If you manage to snag a first press edition, you’ll also receive one of two posters.

As for the goodies you’ll find inside, you’ll receive a lyric card as well as an instant photo card.

There are 8 photocards per version, consisting of 7 members and a group photo…

…and also 7 folded message cards featuring each member.

Also included is one of two photo stands…

…and some totally adorable stickers.

The main event, however, is the CD itself which features not only “Butter,” but also a brand new song from BTS.

Both versions will be officially released on July 9, 2021, and are currently available for preorder.

| Bangtan.Official/Facebook