BTS’s “Butter” Songwriter Just Can’t Get Enough Of Jungkook’s Singing Talent

ARMYs aren’t the only ones who know just how talented Jungkook is.

If you can’t get enough of BTS maknae Jungkook‘s incredible vocal prowess, you’re not alone. Even “Butter” songwriter Jenna Andrews is in love with his voice, which she praised once again in a recent interview for MU:CON 2021.

Talking to K-Pop journalist Jeff Benjamin, Jenna Andrews was asked if there were any particular tones or styles in BTS or TXT that she particularly liked, and one member came to her immediately: “I really like Jungkook,” she gushed.

Jenna Andrews | @thejennaandrews/Instagram

But just what does she love so much about his voice? Andrews went on to say that Jungkook’s vibrato (defined as a rapid variation in vocal pitch to add warmth and expression) is “so dope,” which is why she loves using it in the BTS songs she writes.

BTS’s Jungkook | Big Hit Music

I love vibratos.

— Jenna Andrews

The songwriter explained that to her, a vibrato is one of the defining vocal characteristics that really helps you identify a singer—”Like, ‘Oh my God, the way they have that vibrato is so neat.’ To Andrews, Jungkook is a perfect example of that.

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Naturally, Jeff Benjamin couldn’t help but agree, describing Jungkook as “incredible” and explaining that he sees why they call him the “Golden Maknae.” In response, Jenna Andrews said Jungkook’s voice is simply “insane,” adding that he’s “just amazing.”

Oh my God, he’s so good. And his voice is sick. And he always has runs and he’s just amazing.

— Jenna Andrews

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jenna Andrews has been filled with praise for Jungkook’s talents. In an interview with Genius, she divulged a little about the “Butter” songwriting process, including how a lot of time was spent on the “nitty-gritty” details of the song. One of those details, she says, was “specifically looking at where Jungkook’s super pretty vibrato would fit best for background vocals and harmonies.” Earlier this year, when she pointed out each member’s unique strengths, Andrews also described Jungkook as the “Usher” of BTS thanks to his incredible vocal runs.

| Big Hit Music

Every ARMY knows how skilled Jungkook is, but hearing such high praise from another music professional really puts his talents into perspective.

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