BTS “Butter” Songwriter Reveals Each Member’s Unique Strengths & The Process Of Working With Them

Every ARMY can agree with her praise.

BTS‘s Billboard no.1 hit “Butter” wouldn’t be the song it is today without its host of lyricists and composers, from leader RM himself to Canadian writer Jenna Andrews. In a new interview with CBC, Andrews revealed what it was like to work with the members and opened up about where they shine best.

Jenna Andrews explained that the process of working on “Butter” started back in February this year, about three months before the song was released. As soon as she received the melody, she was convinced the track would be perfect for BTS.

BTS | Big Hit Music

I was just like, ‘Oh my god, this song is incredible. The melody is incredible. This could be amazing for BTS.’ That was my thought right away.

— Jenna Andrews

While K-Pop songwriters often traveled to South Korea to work on music in the past, it seems everything is becoming digital in the wake of the pandemic. In fact, Andrews revealed that the process of working with BTS mostly took place via the popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp. “I would send harmonies, melodies, or adlib ideas,” says Andrews, “Then they would tell me what they liked or didn’t like.”

Jenna Andrews | @thejennaandrews/Instagram

But even though Andrews didn’t get to meet BTS in person, they definitely left a lasting impression on her. Talking to CBC, the songwriter went on to name each members’ individual strengths as artists. For starters, Andrews revealed she’s “obsessed” with Jimin‘s voice. “It brings a nostalgic Jackson 5 thing for me,” she explained.

BTS’s Jimin | Big Hit Music

As for Jungkook, Andrews says BTS’s maknae is “like the Usher” of the group, giving off the famous American singer’s vibe with his vocal runs.

BTS’s Jungkook | Big Hit Music

Next up: Jin. According to Jenna Andrews, Jin has a “sweet” vocal style, and she’s in love with it.

BTS’s Jin | Big Hit Music

Wrapping up the vocal line, Andrews say V has “so much swag.” She went on to explain that he makes the song “pop” and described V as “the quintessential great pop singer.”

BTS’s V | Big Hit Music

Of course, she had just as much praise for the rap line. The songwriter revealed that when she was originally involved in writing the song, the final rap section didn’t exist—RM was the one who had the idea to add it. “I think it added a ton to the song,” she gushed, “and obviously RM, Suga, and J-Hope being rappers, that was really cool.

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There’s no doubt that Jenna Andrews’ appraisals of the members’ talents are facts every fan can agree with, and this isn’t her first time showing BTS with praise. In an interview with Genius last month, Andrews explained why she thinks RM is a “world-class production talent.”

BTS “Butter” Songwriter Jenna Andrews Praises RM’s “World Class Production Talent”

Source: CBC