BTS Cancels “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” In Seoul Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19 halts another highly anticipated K-Pop concert in Seoul.

BTS‘s “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” was scheduled to take launch in Seoul on April 11 and run for two weekends at the Olympic Stadium. However, Big Hit Entertainment just announced that they ultimately decided to cancel all of the concerts in Seoul due to the coronavirus epidemic in Korea.

BigHit explained that as more than 200,000 concert goers and hundreds of staff will be in attendance, the large involvement would put everyone’s safety and health at risk for the highly contagious virus.

Although they desperately hope for the situation to improve as soon as possible, they believed it would be in the best interest for everyone to be notified of the cancelation in advance instead of scrambling by being notified at the last minute.

BigHit apologized to everyone who were highly anticipating the first launch of BTS’s new world tour, and explained that all of the tickets will be fully refunded.

Although the concerts in Seoul are cancelled, the remaining tour dates for BTS still remains scheduled.

BTS’s concert cancelation in Seoul follows other top artists, such as TWICE, who decided to cancel their shows in Korea due to the coronavirus outbreak. As South Korea is now the 2nd most endangered country to the virus, many public events and assemblies have been canceled.

Although ARMYs all around the world may be disappointed by the cancelation, everyone would agree that the health of the artists, fans, and staff comes as top priority.

Read BigHit’s full statement below:

For those who require a refund on their ticket, take a look below for refund details by BigHit and Interpark.