BTS Celebrates Korea’s First “Youth Day” With A Special Gift… To Be Opened 19 Years Later

Countdown to 2039… starting now.

As of August 2020, the third Saturday of September has been declared Korea’s “Youth Day”. To honor the first of this special day, BTS — as representatives of the younger generation — attended the event held at the Blue House.

After giving a speech to root for the young people of South Korea, BTS then shared that they prepared a “special gift” in celebration of Youth Day.

Once the South Korean president Moon Jae In walked on to the stage, BTS handed over a purple box — said to have been filled with items that members thoughtfully picked out.

In celebration of the first Youth Day in Korea, we put together a special gift to the youth of the future. In the box, we placed our musical achievements, memories, love and gratitude toward our fans, and a special message for the young adults who are recipients of this box.

— RM

The hosts of the event explained, “The box will be displayed at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History and will be opened in 19 years.” The hosts also explained that “19” marks the age that young adulthood begins, as stated in the Korean law.

RM wished for “The box to be safely delivered to the future generation of young adults.

Well, then. Looks like the countdown to 2039 has begun! Who can’t wait to see what’s in the box?

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter